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Unwind - Rewind machinery

Unwind - Rewind machinery Other Technologies
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Web width 600- 2500mm
Max operating speed 100 mpm standard
Mother roll diameter up to 1000 mm
Rewind rolls diameter up to 800 mm
Perforation method Hot & Cold Needle
Perforation needle population (As Applicable)


Other features

Unwind tension control
Shaft-less unwind (option)
Automatic edge guiding system (option)
Edge trim or slitting (option)
Hot knife slitting (option)
Hot needle perforation (option)
Cold needle perforation (option)
Wide Touch Screen HMI (option)
Single shaft rewinding
Locked core (Airshaft standard)
Dual shaft rewinder for slitting (option)
Locked core or differential rewinding (option)
Parent rolls unloading device (option)
Roll length counter (option)

CE certified
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