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High Density Brush Rollers (Cold Perforation)

High Density Brush Rollers (Cold Perforation) High Density Brush Rollers
Multi wall bag and plastic web manufacturers are rapidly replacing perforating pressure rolls with Perforation Machinery Cylinder Brushes. This latest innovation has changed the entire concept of perforating, Slitting and Cross-Hatch Scoring plastic webs and board products.

Grooved rolls are costly and require perfect alignment with perforating bar knives or pins. Our brush greatly reduces set-up time and simple tape measure installations are now possible. No more fitting or adjusting to match pin and knife points.

Our “Fineset” Cylinder Brushes are extremely uniform presenting individual strands of bristle, rather than clumps or tufts. Our Brush density is controlled during manufacturing, which allows unlimited bristle patterns from “Open” to “Superdendse”.our engineering department has established density and bristle stiffness standards for many applications. Our brush rolls are now used under craft paper, paperboard, Corrugated, Paper-Plastic laminates and flexible web products Such as PE, PPE, PPU, PVC, BOPP to name just a few.

Our Brushes also provide a more intimate contact with pins and knives. They support board and web equally as well as any anvil rolls and give an even contact point all the way across the web giving you a much better surface to Perforate against.

Installation is simple with no special tools required.

Provide us with any anvil , rubber roll or existing brush roll size (Diameter, Width, End Bearings) and we will do the rest with a realistic price and a fine replacement brush roll.
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