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Tenter Pins

Tenter Pins Pinned Products
Perforation Machinery supply tenter pin plates, pin strips, pin bars and pin wheels for the textile industry.

Our pinned products are used in the dying, finishing and carbon fiber sections of textile production as well as printing and multi-filament carbon fiber weaving amongst other applications.

We also manufacture aluminum pin-wheels in many sizes that are used in selvedge trimming and as fabric guides. We can manufacture the pin-wheels that you require for your specific type of tenter frame or fabric guiding system.

Some of the machinery manufacturers of tenters we manufacture for are Liba, Babcock, Kenyon, Monforts, Winsor & Jerauld, Fabcon, Krantz, Artos, Entec, Stentex, Marshall & Williams, Famatex, Bruckner, Ewa, Muzzi, Tandematic, Corino, Entec, Fabcon, Tubetex, Hunter, Morrison, Mascoe, Proctor & Schwartz, Carl Meyer, Gessner, Texima, Santex, Singer, Santa Lucia, Tacker, Liba and Karl Mayer.
Our versitile machining capabilities enables us to produce precision pinned products that meet your particular specifications.

We also supply a wide range of high precision pinned Temple Cylinders for all leading brands of Shuttleless Looms such as Sulzer, Dornier, Tsudakoma, Toyota, Picanol, Nuouo Pignone, Vamatex, Somet, Saurer and others....

Our Temple cylinders are available in various configurations of rings - spiked, plain or rubber to suit various fabrics and to avoid temple marks.

We can also supply UHMW pinned rollers for carpet manufacturing looms.

Some of the benefits of our temple rollers are:

No temple marks in the material
Precisely fitted, high quality, free moving pinned rings
Hardened and polished Pins for smooth penetration of material and long life
Variable pin height in blunt and sharp profiles. Spare rings and rubber rollers are also available.

Spiked Brass or Nylon Rings:

1 row to 5 row
12 to 36 rings per row
Sharp or blunt type
Nylon or Teflon bush.

Rubber Rings and Dummy Rings also available.

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