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Perfect Pressure Rollers

It appears that very little information is provided to customers over the importance of having a high quality pressure roller to achieve even perforations. The emphasis is usually directed at the pins and the temperatures. We believe that it is as important as the quality of the pins used to create the holes. Providing an even surface on which to support the web is critical to the even quality of perforations across the web width.

Much of the research and development carried out to provide such support has lead us to use high density brush rollers which offer an optimum surface to push the pins against which not only lengthens the life of the pins but provides the optimum surface for quality Perforations.

For hot perforation technology we use the high density tampico bristle which is a natural vegetable product deriving from the cactus family and has high heat resistance properties.

For the cold Perforation applications we offer a high grade, high density nylon brush roller which also provides a superior even perforating surface.

The perfect pressure rollers in the pursuit of providing the perfect holes.
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