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Loose Pins

Loose Pins Pinned Products
Perforation Machinery supplies high quality pointed and non-pointed wire products, both standard and custom made pins to your requirements.

Our pins are used in the Textile, Food, Packaging, Automotive, Electronic, Industrial, Medical, Surgical, Veterinary, film, foil and Composite industries amongst others.

Pins can be manufactured from Low Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, Chrome Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Beryllium, Brass, Copper, Delrin, Monel, Stainless Steel, Super Carbon Steel, Tool Steel and Teflon.

Extensive range of diameters ranging from (33G/.0.00975”/.25mm) to (2.25”/57.15mm), and in lengths of (.125”/3.175mm) to (12”/305mm).

The wide veriety of pins we offer are listed in the brochure section of the website under “pins and needles”. Here you can pick out the style of pin that works for your application.

Our Sales Engineers are here to assist you with your custom pin requirement. We supply over 750,000,000 pins in various shapes and sizes. So what you require may just be in stock. If not, our manufacturing section can quickly make the pin you require.

If your company uses repetitive orders of a certain size of pin, we will gladly work with you on stocking the pins for future use.

We also offer a wide veriety of coatings for our pins to assist with gripping, extended life, anti-stick anti-static and more.
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